Hi, I’m Tuffdy The Bear

Hi, my name is Tuffdy the bear and this website is based on the story of my first day going to Jungle School, “The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong”. I used to think that being strong was just about lifting heavy things and having big muscles like my dad, but it turns out there’s much more to strength than that.

Being strong is talking to people when we’re having those big sad feelings inside, as this helps us to move on and start having fun again. The reason we’re strong for doing this, is because when we’re feeling a bit low and vulnerable, it can take a lot of strength and courage to reach out to those who care about us and ask for support.

In the human world it seems that lots of children, especially boys, grow up thinking that being strong is about hiding those big feelings away when they’re sad. They then become adults, but struggle to cope with these feelings, which can grow bigger and bigger like they did for my friend Frida the frog.

In the rest of the Jungle book series you get to meet my awesome, best friend Frida the frog and read about the adventures we go on. As we’re friends we like to take on the challenges of the jungle together but always remembering that “The Strength Of A Bear, We know What It Takes, Talk To Someone Who Cares, If Happiness Breaks.”