The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong

In a tropical land

Where trees stood tall

Grew the biggest of oak’s

Rising above them all


Under that oak

Hiding from bees

Was something lovely

All covered in leaves


He was squashy and furry

And little with paws

He was a boy bear

Still to grow his claws


His name was Tuffdy

Tuffdy the bear

Named after his father

The biggest of bears


“I may be small now

But one day you’ll see

I’ll be bigger and stronger

And I’ll drink tea”


“Today is the day

I start Jungle School

Where I’ll learn to be strong

Not squashy and small”


“When I’m strong

And lifting up trees

I’ll never need help

I’ll take honey from bees”


But Tuffdy didn’t know

How to be strong

He thought it was lifting

But he might be wrong


His parents hugged him

To show him they care

“You’ll learn the secret

The strength of a bear”


“Yippee said Tuffdy

I can’t believe my luck

I’ll learn to roar like a beast

Not quack like a duck”


Carrying his lunch box

All shiny and new

He walked through the jungle

Then a big feeling grew


Tuffdy had started

To miss mum and dad

Happiness was breaking

He was feeling sad


He lifted a rock

Wanting to be strong

But his sadness felt bigger

And his frown grew long


He lifted a crocodile

A giraffe and a baboon

But that didn’t change

The sadness and gloom


Then with all of his muscles

And all of his might

He lifted an elephant

But he still wasn’t right


This confused Tuffdy Bear

Who wanted to be strong

He thought it was lifting

But he might be wrong


Now Jungle School

Is a magical place

Where animals learn to

Survive and be ace


Tuffdy told the teacher

“I’m here to be strong

But deep down inside

Something is wrong”


“Oh poor Tuffdy Bear

You’re feeling sad

It can be hard at first

Without mum and dad”


“Then Tuffdy felt better

For sharing his feelings

Something was mending

Happiness was healing”


“Yippee said Tuffdy

Now I know what it takes

To survive in the Jungle

If happiness breaks”


“Tall with big muscles

Or short and thin

Strength’s sharing feelings

And it comes from within”


Laughing and playing

Tuffdy’s talking had won

Now he was happy

And having some fun!


Under the stars

And the giant oak tree

Tuffdy and his parents

Sat down for tea


Tuffdy spoke up

Whilst eating his honey

“I’ve learned a lesson today

To stick to my tummy”


“The strength of a bear

I know what it takes

Talk to someone who cares

If happiness breaks”


All squashy and furry

They gave him a hug

“You’re amazing Tuffdy

You’ll always be loved”

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