The Jungle Dance Show

At the edge of the jungle

Where elephants are found

Came something magical

An ancient sound


It was deeper and louder

Than a lion could roar

It woke the hippos

Asleep on the floor


It woke the bears

The wolves and the snakes

The monkeys, the cheetahs

The owls and the apes


For this was the sound

That all animals know

The jungle drum beat

For the Jungle Dance Show


Walking and jumping

Slithering and flying

They were all excited

There was no denying


This dance celebration

Is special don’t you know

For the Jungle School children

Are the stars of the show


It’s where the children learn

To move their feet

And dance to the rhythm

Of the jungle beat


The best of friends

Talked in the crowd

Nervous and excited

Slightly worried but wowed


It was Frida the Frog

And Tuffdy the Bear

They’ll be dancing together

A rather special pair


“Frida” said Tuffdy

“I can hardly wait

To dance at the show

It’s going to be great!”


As the children walked

The drums got louder

Then Frida felt something

Funny inside her


Tuffdy felt the same

Things were shaky inside

happiness was breaking

They both wanted to hide


The children watched

The animals dance to the beat

Soon it would be them

They could feel the heat


The happiest of hippos

Spun around on the floor

With a monkey, a zebra

A cheetah and a boar


“Frida I’m scared

I don’t think I can dance

With everyone watching

I don’t stand a chance”


“Tuffdy I’m scared too

But I’m glad we can share

How we are feeling

We have the strength of a bear”


The friends felt better

A connection was made

They held hands together

They were no longer afraid


Then like magic

They started to feel the beat

It came from the drums

Then along to their feet


Tuffdy felt the rhythm

Enter his toes

The base in his belly

Then up to his nose


Frida was twitching

Her legs started to move

The friends began dancing

To the jungle groove


Frida breakdanced

Spinning on the floor

She was feeling so good

The crowd called for more


Tuffdy took a run

And jumped in the air

Flying over Frida

Then landing on a chair


All the animals cheered

The parents felt proud

Their children were happy

And the stars of the crowd


The friends danced together

Like only friends can do

Wriggling, jiggling

To the beat of the groove


“Frida” said Tuffdy

As they danced to the drums

“Thank you for listening

Dancing is fun!”


“The strength of a bear

We know what it takes

Talk to someone who cares

If happiness breaks”

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