The Frog Whose Happiness Awoke


In the depths of the Jungle

Where rivers are born

Lies the deepest of swamps

Filled with spawn


On top of a rock

Beneath the stars

Slept a girl frog

Dreaming of Mars


Her name was Frida

Frida the frog

Named after her mother

The bravest of frogs


She was fearless and daring,

Gutsy and strong

Always succeeding

Nothing went wrong


"I've jumped over crocodiles

whilst playing guitar

Ive leapt over hippos

Like a sports star"


But when Frida the Frog

Woke up that day

Something was wrong

She was feeling grey


She opened her mouth

To make a croak

But nothing came out

Her happiness broke


She smiled at her parents

Pretending to be strong

She didn’t tell them

Her croak had gone


She met Tuffdy the bear

on the way to school

He asked “how are you?”

but she tried to be cool


She didn’t tell Tuffdy

Her croak had vacated

So her sadness got bigger

Her tummy inflated


They passed the lions

Who roared, “are you alright?”

But Frida just smiled

And her tummy grew tight


The elephants trumpeted

“How is it going?”

"I'm fine" said Frida

but her sadness kept growing


The monkeys all hooted

"How are you?"

"I'm amazing" said Frida

But that wasn’t true


Her sadness got bigger

Her tummy got bigger

The more she pretended

They got bigger and bigger


Now Jungle School

Is a magical place

Where animals learn

To survive and be ace


Break-time is when

All the animals play

Running, jumping,

Skipping, hurray!


But poor Frida Frog

No one knew

How she was feeling

So her sadness just grew


"Tuffdy you're my friend

Something is wrong

My croak has broke

And I want to be strong"


Tuffdy listened

Then gave her a hug

"You're my friend Frida frog

You'll always be loved"


With a rumble, a grumble

Her happiness awoke

And her sadness left

In one giant C-R-O-A-K


"Thanks Tuffdy Bear

Talking has won

Happiness is back

Now let's have some fun"


Together they played

Like only friends can play

Laughing, joking,

Giggling, hurray!


On top of the rock

Beneath the stars

They hugged one another

Whilst looking at Mars


"The strength of a bear

We know what it takes

Talk to someone who cares

If happiness breaks"

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