There are currently three stories in the Jungle School series, click below:

  1. The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong
  2. The Frog Whose Happiness Awoke
  3. The Jungle Dance Show

In our first adventure, “The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong”, Tuffdy the bear discovers the secret of what makes grown-up bears like his dad, so strong. It turns out it’s got more to do with talking about our feelings than lifting big things.

In our next story, “The Frog Whose Happiness Awoke” we meet Tuffdy’s best friend Frida the frog, whose mum is the bravest frog in the jungle. One day Frida loses her croak and feels sad inside and because she doesn’t tell her Jungle friends how she’s feeling, the sadness in her tummy gets bigger and bigger. Then when she’s feeling really sad and lonely, she talks to her best friend and something magical happens!

In “The Jungle Dance Show” our friends Tuffdy and Frida are dancing for the first time in front of all the other Jungle animals. They’re both scared inside, but after sharing with each other how their feeling, a connection is made.

“Then like magic, They started to feel the beat, It came from the drums, Then along to their feet. Tuffdy felt the rhythm, Enter his toes, The base in his belly, Then up to his noise. Frida was twitching, her legs started to move, The friends began dancing, To the jungle groove…”

It turns out that when we share difficult feelings with people who care about us, we feel closer to that person, not so scared and better able to be the best of dancing friends in the Jungle!