“The strength of a bear, We know what it takes, talk to someone who cares, if happiness breaks”

“The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong”, is the first in “The Strength Of A Bear” series of uplifting stories, supporting little bears and particularly boy bears to grow up with the emotional tools to survive, thrive and have fun in the jungle.

Through Tuffdy and Frida’s adventures we learn that being strong is not about hiding our difficult feelings away, but instead it’s talking to those who care about us, when we’re feeling at our most vulnerable.

In an imaginative way, the stories challenge the most damaging rule that children learn about what it means to be a “man,” or to be “strong.” That feelings of vulnerability need to be locked away inside, as showing them is unmanly and not “strong”.

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It may seem slightly odd that in writing stories for children, the most innocent in society, that my motivation partly comes from working with men who have spent large periods of their lives in prison.

There is however no more obvious place than the Criminal Justice System to see what harm flawed concepts of what it means to be a “man” or to be “strong” can do. Continue reading “Background”

Hi, I’m Tuffdy The Bear

Hi, my name is Tuffdy the bear and this website is based on the story of my first day going to Jungle School, “The Bear Who Wanted To Be Strong”. I used to think that being strong was just about lifting heavy things and having big muscles like my dad, but it turns out there’s much more to strength than that.

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